Thursday, 18 February 2016

Emancipatory democracy

Drawing by Jonas Staal

State, Sovereignty and Civil Society in the 21st Century

Costas Lapavitsas & Jonas Staal
Monday 22 February 2016, 18.30 p.m.
Green Park, Mavromateon 22

The Greek crisis has been going on for eight years without any prospect of solution. The first Syriza government stood at the forefront of confronting the supranational structures currently dominating the European Union. The result was defeat and the signing of a new bailout. Greek society is desperately seeking a way out.

Europe as a whole is faced with devastating political, economic, ecological and humanitarian crises. The European Union has not delivered on the promise of prosperity and a fair and emancipating democracy. The political system has failed and the far-right has been strengthened in many countries. Civil society from Scotland to Spain is mobilizing and demanding radical change.

Civil society is a source of optimism even in the huge refugee crisis: it has been at the forefront of supporting thousands of refugees fleeing the wars created by Western intervention world, without receiving any real help from the supranational mechanisms of the European Union.

Lapavitsas and Staal will scan the horizon debating ideas and proposals needed to redefine emancipatory democracy for the 21st century.

The discussion with the public will be moderated by art critics Elpida Karaba and Iliana Fokianaki.

Costas Lapavitsas is a Greek economist and professor of economics at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He was elected as a member of the parliament collaborating with Syriza in the January 2015 general election.

Jonas Staal is a Dutch visual artist and founder of the artistic and political organization New World Summit, currently collaborating with the autonomous Kurdish government of Rojava (Northern-Syria).

Jonas Staal will be exhibiting at State of Concept in June 2016.