Monday, 27 March 2017

Conversation with Costas Lapavitsas: Eurozone failure, German policies and a New Path for Greece.

Barcelona | 23 February 2017

Journalists Laia Altarriba, Marta Prat and Joao França converse with Costas Lapavitsas, Professor at SOAS University of London and former Syriza MP in Greece:

  • What happened in Greece and what should have been done instead.
  • The uncertain European context, in which the economic crisis is still hitting the peripheral countries, and shaking the Italian banks, and in which the elections in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy may perhaps make the Eurozone find its "moment of truth" at last.
  • The proposals that would help build the foundations of an emancipatory project in Greece and in Europe.
  • The latest EReNSEP Report "Eurozone failure, German policies and a new path for Greece", which proposes the exit of Greece from the Eurozone and quantifies in great detail the consequences and economic policies that should be enabled to handle such a situation.

The event was organised by Ekona Public Policy Cooperative, Debt in Globalization Observatory, Debt Audit Citizen Platform, Espai Fàbrica, Espai Marx, Leave the Euro Platform, Global Revolt -Esquerra Anticapitalista, Viento Sur, Cobas Union and IAC Union.