The EUROPEAN RESEARCH NETWORK ON SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC POLICY (EReNSEP) is an independent non-profit organisation registered in Greece and based at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Established in early 2016, it aims to contribute to the policy debate in Europe.
EReNSEP brings together expertise in a wide variety of fields, including economics, sociology, and politics. It links researchers, activists and organisations across several countries in Europe.
Through publications on the state of economy and society as well as high-profile public events it aims to contribute to the European policy debate. Our intention is to generate policy proposals that will offer concrete and feasible alternatives to the challenges currently facing Europe.
Policy making in the European Union since the great crisis of 2007-9 has been dominated by austerity and structural adjustment. The results have been poor in terms of growth, employment and incomes. A decisive cause of failure has been the Economic and Monetary Union of the EU, which has become a lever for structural imbalances in Europe as well as for austerity and inequality. The political implications are evident in the strengthening rise of Euroscepticism and the disconcerting rise of the extreme Right in Europe.
Our perspective is critical of mainstream policy and theory in economics and other fields. We believe that Europe needs urgently to consider alternative monetary arrangements, and that markets and capital have to be placed under control to the benefit of working people and society in general. It is also time to reconsider the relationship between the nation state and the EU, if solidarity is to find real roots in Europe.